Advance School Management Systems.

Advance School Management Systems

Advance School Management Systems is the one stop solution for any type of educational institutes to automate data management process. Whether you are looking for the best school ERP for school, college or coaching institute, the dedicated and experienced team at Symtics knows well how to stand on the expectations of their clients and therefore, develops a user-friendly and secure school erp. Manually written data which is prone to numerous errors has arisen the need to adopt the automated and cloud-based school management software for educational institutes. Advance School Management Systems offered at Symtics ensures that all information needs to be stored electronically and school management system is a trouble-free process. Along with school management software it provides multi lingual environment with current support to English,Hindi,Spanish as it is designed for multiple languages.

Advance School Management Systems is a professional web-based system.

Advance School Management Systems:

  • Admin Features
    • Add/update/delete students information
    • Add/update/delete teachers information
    • Add/update/delete parents information
    • Add/update/delete student marks
    • Manage logins for students/parents/teachers.
    • Manage school events Get feedback from Students/Parents
    • Manage transportation details
    • Manage Library Books
    • Edit system settings
    • Send email to Teacher/Parents/Students
    • Admin Create News Board
    • Admin School media album
    • Manage Payment’s
    • Admin Create Poll
    • Admin Create Class
    • Admin Create Subjects
    • Admin Assign subject particular teacher
    • Admin See All information about in Dashboard (Total Students/Total Teachers)

  • Teacher Features
    • Add/update/delete students information
    • Import/Export marks as CSV
    • Add/update/delete parents information
    • Add/update/delete class routine
    • Add/update/delete student marks
    • Add/update/delete Events
    • Manage login's for students/parents
    • Send email to parents
    • Manage marks/attendance/exams/classes
    • Create Assignment
    • View Notice Board
    • Views School Media
    • Send mark-sheets to parents email

  • Parent Features
    • View teacher's profile
    • View school transportation and routes
    • View subject details
    • View school events in calendar
    • View marks and attendances
    • Send feedback/email to administration/teachers/students
    • View class routine
    • View Notice Board

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